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   Hey y'all, my name is Crystal Sikes. I am the owner and operator of Lady Savage LLC. I am so humbled and excited to provide this platform for those interested in not only being a lady but also a savage.

Who am I and why am I so passionate about helping women?

My life has been an interesting balance of ups and downs. I've been so blessed at times, I've struggled a lot and well there has also been a lot of in between. 

Too many blessings to list them all but here are a few...

-I have been saved by grace & my faith in God is what directs my life
-My husband is super supportive, a total rockstar & has also seen me at my absolute worst and best..yet, still loves me
-I have an amazing family, supportive parents, siblings and 12 nieces and nephews
-My 13 year old dog, Jack, has been the light of my life the last 12 years and counting
-Co-owner (with my husband) of several companies & we have an amazing crew
-I am healthy and I have all the essential items I need to live a beautiful life and then some

Some struggles I've faced, overcome & hope to use, to help others...

-Eating disorders (binge eating & restrictive eating)
-Major gut & health issues (Gastroparesis, IBS, Slow Transit Colon, Ulcer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Vitamin deficiencies, Hormone/ neurotransmitter imbalance, adrenal fatigue)
-Death of my mother at a very young age & blending families
-Reoccurring depression & anxiety

The in between...

-Everything else!


Option To Work 1:1 With Me

Why Work 1:1 With Me?

  1. I have had much success with my 1:1 clients over the past 5 years, both nutrition & fitness training.
  2. I have had much success overcoming many personal struggles as well as the opportunity to experiment with my own mind & body with all the topics I cover in my 1:1 mentorships.
  3. I competed and won 1st place in my body building competition.
  4. Certified Personal Trainer through NASM.
  5. I have always loved and studied within the medical field.  I am a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant & Dialysis Technician.
  6. I will always put you as a priority and my main focus.
  7. I'm pretty awesome ;) 

Client Testimonials

Stacy B.

"I can’t say enough good things about Crystal’s fitness coaching. I came to Crystal to take my workouts to the next level with a focus on lifting and building strength, while following a keto lifestyle. I knew from the beginning that this partnership would be amazing, and my expectations were exceeded on every level. Crystal’s knowledge is a tremendous asset to anyone looking to up their fitness game. Her positive attitude and encouragement are exactly what I needed to overcome some personal challenges in moving forward with lifting. Crystal has a wonderful ability to adapt workouts to an individual’s fitness goals, work schedule, equipment and many other ever-changing variables.  I have seen remarkable improvements in my fitness level and physique, as well as in my confidence and excitement to continue to push myself.  Thank you, Crystal, for an incredible ride this far, I can’t wait to see what’s next!"

Kara W.

"Working with Crystal has been a life changing experience for me.  She is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and caring to her clients.  She welcomes you in like family. Crystal has a wonderful balance of support and tough love when needed.  She is truly an inspiration to all."

Judy L.

"Crystal is an excellent, knowledgable, professional & caring counselor. She listens well, is flexible & was able to adjust my plan to my needs even under my difficult situation.  She is so positive, knew when to push me & when to let me loose to try on my own."

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