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The following are either brands that I also own or completely stand behind. I will only recommend products, companies and options that I would personally use.

Keto Brick

1000 Calorie performance bar with perfect ketogenic macros. Perfect as a healthy sweet treat as well!

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Beauty Counter

Makeup and skin care without the worry! Beauty Counter ONLY uses clean & natural ingredients.

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Live Savage Apparel

If you see me in apparel you love it's probably from here! Sports bras, tanks, leggings..go get some!

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The only pre workout I'll use! Clean & natural ingredients. Plus no jitters!  LADYSAVAGE for 10% off.

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Redmond Real Salt

The only salt worth buying! I also get my electrolytes, seasonings, toothpaste and bath salts from them! 

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Self guided Ketogenic weight-loss protocol. Founded by Keto Savage and results prove themselves.

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